Your Lack of Routine Dusting of Your Home is Horrible For Health

Why Dust Your Home? A Dusty home isn’t just unsightly, its also bad for your health!

When you think of dust, if you’re like most people, you think, “Yeah its a bit dusty in here but how harmful could these little particles possibly be?” You may not think about the health effects at all.

*Fun Fact: Dust in your average US home contains more than 5,000 species of bacteria and 2,000 species of fungi

Many poor slobs won’t dust their house for years until it builds up into hardened clumps on lamps, baseboards and other areas commonly ignored. Yes, I just called you a slob for not dusting.

Ignoring dust isn’t just unsightly, it is harmful to your health!

This is especially hard for men. I know what you’re thinking guys, “..but I am a dude. Dudes don’t dust!”

Yes, it can seem and feel a bit effeminate wielding a hand duster and lightly dusting your home. But get over it! Be a man, and dust your home. It will improve your health (and probably your relationships).

Not only is it just gross to behold a neglected, dusty home – there are numerous studies coming out that highlight the real dangers of household dust.

According to the American meta-analysis in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology, 10 harmful chemicals were found in 90 per cent of dust samples taken from homes across more than a dozen states.

Chemicals from consumer products are released into the air and get into dust, which can settle on household items or on the floor. People can inhale or ingest small particles of dust or even absorb them through the skin. Infants and young children are particularly at risk for exposure to the chemicals found in dust because they crawl, play on dusty floors, and put their hands in their mouths, the authors say. – source

Scientists are discovering harmful toxic chemicals in indoor dust linked to cancer and infertility

3 Risks of NOT Dusting Your Home

1. All that dust is probably why you have allergies

Dust is small, almost invisible (until that light hits it a certain way and you see all that stuff you’re constantly breathing in). Those minuscule little dust particles may be the culprit to your allergy problems. Constantly sneezing? Blowing your nose?

Many people are allergic to dust and don’t even know it. A little light dusting once a week could help you reduce those allergy symptoms.

2. Dust May Cause Respiratory Issues, Including Asthma

If you or someone in your household already has asthma, it is extremely important to rid your home of dust. Dust mites, bacteria and chemical by-products contained in all that dust can trigger an asthma attack.

As you probably already intuitively know, breathing in a bunch of allergens, chemicals and bacteria contained in dust will not be good for anybody’s respiratory system. Taking 15 to 30 minutes a week to dust and vacuum can literally save your health.

3.  Your Household Dust Could be Making You Fat

You read that right. If respiratory health isn’t enough to make you want to dust your home, perhaps the idea that it is contributing to your weight gain will. You could be going to the gym less just by doing some dusting! So much easier than the treadmill…

It is pretty weird to consider such a thing, but researchers are finding that fats lurking in house dust may signal cells in the body to fatten up. One study discovered that certain materials in house dust can turn on a protein called PPAR-gamma which triggers fat cells to grow and may be involved in obesity. Another study the researchers found fats in the dust, including oleic acid from vegetable oils, could be responsible.

Who knows what other problems that simple dust is causing…

Don’t risk your health (or your figure) over some pesky dust. Getting rid of all that dust is as easy as taking 30 minutes to an hour to dust around the home(preferably with a breathing mask) and then vacuum it all up.

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